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Originally born and raised in Manitoba, Mavis and Jamie raised their family of a daughter, Ashley, and son, Aaron. Residing there for almost thirty years, Jamie was in carpentry while Mavis was a bank manager.


In 1990, Jamie started hunting bears with archery in Manitoba. Over those many years he became extremely proficient in the hunting and baiting of the black ghost. At an early age of seven, Aaron can remember tagging along with his father when baiting stands. One memory included being allowed to go into an abandoned bear’s den. Both father and son hunted primarily with archery.


Jamie and Mavis purchased Toby’s Trophy Treks in 2005 from their longtime friends, Toby and Allison Coleman. Toby Coleman is a retired member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Toby spent more than thirty years in law enforcement serving people and country. He guided his first client in 1971, making Toby’s Trophy Treks an early pioneer in the Saskatchewan outfitting industry. Toby received the 2009 Wild Sheep Foundation Golata Award as the “Outstanding Outfitter of the Year.”


Waterfowl hunting has become almost second nature for both Jamie and Aaron for the Saskatchewan skies are rewarding. 


Mavis is the heart and soul behind this five star operation consisting of hot showers, comfortable beds, and superb food. No hunter will ever walk away from her table wondering about the next meal. Besides her many duties with Toby’s Trophy Treks, she also is an insurance broker during the off months.

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