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Green Forest


"Many folks say they have doubts about the information contained in website testimonials. While its true that its possible for some testimonial information to be fabricated, I assure you this content is not.


I am a 62 year old woman that has hunted from the age of 12. My hunting experience has been mainly whitetail deer. I was a bit apprehensive about booking the adventure for a black bear hunt based on my experience. From the moment I arrived, Jamie and Aaron Poole educated me regarding every aspect of bear hunting and bears in general. When I got on stand, I was well prepared for the hunt.  Jamie and Aaron's guidance allowed me to bag a phenomenal Saskatchewan black bear! 


To anyone reading this, the hunt is world class and top notch!! The accommodations are fantastic and saving the best information for last, THE FOOD IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!   Mavis Poole provided the best food I've ever eaten and I've traveled all over the world.


If you get the opportunity, don't hesitate to go, it is simply the best experience I've ever had!!"

Green Forest


"I have hunted with Toby's Trophy Treks since Toby Coleman started in business. And have continued to do so since the Pooles took over. It is rare when a business changes hands and the culture of the business does not. But the Pooles and Colemans are rare people! Lifelong friends that work hard and demonstrate a mutual respect of each other and those around them. These characteristics translate to a remarkable experience every trip and friendships that are truly valued by their clients. Their efforts have allowed me to experience some unforgettable waterfowl spectacles that most only dream of. I look forward to returning as often as the good Lord allows!"

Green Forest


"I have hunted geese and ducks with Toby's Trophy Treks twice and spring bears once and will no doubt go again. The crew at Toby's is fantastic, the accommodations are great and the food is out of this world. Lots of game and so much fun with these people. The schedule is pretty tough because all you do is sleep and eat and hunt and then sleep and eat and hunt and then sleep again (then it is the next day). This is really a gentleman's hunt and perfect for family. You will gain weight for sure. Enjoy!”

Green Forest


"I have hunted Toby's the past 3 years and hope to

continue for as long as I am able !!

Wonderful hospitality and incredible hunting with fantastic people who have become friends. They take care of everything for you and share their homes with you as well.

I can't imagine hunting with any other Canadian outfitter-TOP NOTCH EXPERIENCE!!!"

Green Forest


Toby's Trophy Treks. Genuine. Memorable and Lots of Bears!! Hunting with the Poole's is not an event but rather an experience.

My husband and I chose Toby's for our Honeymoon! I always wanted a bear skin rug so we decided to hunt for our own. Aaron was our guide and what a great experience!


As we were driving from the airport he stopped at the first Canadian convenience store so that I could purchase my long awaited ketchup chips (You can't get them in the United States). Upon our arrival we watched video on ALL the bears they had video of on their trail cams! So cool! So many bears!!!

Aaron and Jamie did everything for us. From taking me to sight in my rifle to prepping the quad each day with all the hunting essentials to eventually skinning and packing the hide for me to transport home. Those may be standard services but the Poole's excel in customer service and generosity when it comes to their business. However, Aaron really made my hunt a memorable one.


Upon firing a shot, I radioed to Aaron that I fired a shot but I must have rambled for 5 minutes about not being sure where the bear went, and being nervous that I missed it or worse wounded it! He was about 10 quad minutes away so he comes rolling on in to where we were and is asking me about what possible direction the bear might have gone and where the bear was when I fired etc. He could tell that I was pretty wound up with excitement because I fired a shot but sadness and doubt because I didn't see the bear. So as planned we were going to set out to see if we could follow the trail and look for the bear. Before we loaded in the quad, Aaron directs me to check out the tree (which was to our immediate right) and wouldn't you know it!!! There lie my beautiful cinnamon coated black bear! Although he could have rolled up and congratulated me and told me that the bear was over yonder. His approach truly made a lasting memory and made my bear hunt one I will never forget.

Although you are planning a hunt and accommodations and food may not be a priority, let me tell you this..the accommodations and the food cannot be compared. Mavis never made the same meal twice (we were there a week!) and everything was homemade. We had our own lodge but spent most of our down time with the Poole's in their kitchen and their living area. They are the most genuine, kind hearted, generous people you will ever meet. We entered Toby's Trophy Treks as clients and left as lifelong friends.

If you book with the Poole's you will leave with more than a bear. You will leave with lasting memories and an experience that cannot compared to any other hunt!  

Green Forest


"I have hunted with Toby's Trophy Treks for several years. They are waiting for you when you get off the plane and will take you to get whatever equipment you need or forgot. The duck and goose have hunts have always been successful.  I am from Louisiana and the Canadian ducks have spoiled me. Also enjoy the nice accommodations, hospitality and food. I intend on returning year after year until I am too old to go."

Green Forest


"My first trip to Toby's Trophy Treks was in the fall of 2000. I have been coming back every year and have enjoyed wonderful hunting, great cooking and nice accommodations. The service is truly outstanding and few places offer the quality experience that we have there year in and year out. All of the people at Toby's Trophy Treks are first class and have become great friends over the years. It is a special place!"

Green Forest


"I have hunted with Trophy Treks for eleven years. The service has always been spot on from meeting us at the airport, the accommodations, the meals and the great bird hunting. The ride from the airport to the camp is always a lot of fun. The 'catch-up' with everyone, the anticipation of the hunts, the cold weather and the flannel sheets. I have always left with the feelings of accomplishment, great fellowship and of course, a few pounds heavier."

Green Forest


"I have been there numerous times and all needs have been taken care of from our arrival to our departure. Very accommodating as to our group's needs and they do an excellent job of meeting our timetable(s). The hunting speaks for itself. I highly recommend this group."

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